Disrupting Global Health: From Allyship To Collective Liberation - Forbes, March 15, 2022

Published: 16 March 2022

Dr. Madhukar Pai, Professor at the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health and past McGill Global Health Programs Director wrote a Forbes piece on the role of allyship in the field of global health.

"Global health is a field that was born out of colonialism and white supremacy. Even today, it is neither diverse nor truly global. Every aspect of global health is dominated by individuals and institutions in high-income countries (HIC). This includes funding, authorship of publications, leadership of agencies, composition of boards, editorial positions, awards, and even participation in conferences. So, if global health has to be reimagined, people that typically hold power and privilege must master the art of allyship, where they see their primary role as allies or accomplices rather than leaders."

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