Digital-enabled strategic agility: it’s time we examine the sensing of weak signals

Published: 16 March 2022

Authors: Alain Pinsonneault and Inmyung Choi

Publication: European Journal of Information Systems, Forthcoming


Information Systems research provides significant insight into how information technologies affect the strategic agility of firms. Most research to date has studied the responding element of agility at the expense of sensing. Further, extant research has mainly focused on how the sensing of formal and strong signals might influence agility. With the highly turbulent and fast-changing competitive landscape of the digital age, we argue for the need to expand the focus of this research to include examining how managers identify and make sense of weak signals, and how the sensing of weak signals influences digital-enabled strategic agility. Drawing on social network theory, this paper presents two streams of research and several research avenues that can stimulate and potentially guide research efforts on this topic. 


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