Device which delivers multiple, non-auditory information alerts to a user


Published: 12Aug2020

Invention 2020-078

Device which delivers multiple, non-auditory information alerts to a user


A haptic vibration device capable of delivering multiple streams of information to a single actuator with applications in hospitals and power plants.


Market Need

In hospitals and factories, nurses or machine operators face a constant barrage of buzzes, alarms, and other loud forms of communication to alert them to danger or request their help. As these alarms are often on a loud-speaker, people who are unaffected by the communication must also pay attention as well. This often leads to distraction and in many cases “alarm fatigue”. In high-consequence environments there need to be options other than universal alarms and loud-speaker communications.


Technology Summary

A common issue with personalized communication devices is that only one piece of information can be delivered, or the user has to look at a screen to view the information. With this haptic vibration technology, three continuous or discrete values can be delivered through a single wearable device. For example, a nurse in the operating room could receive continuous heart-beat values while also receiving two different vibrating alerts if specified vital levels leave a predefined range. Importantly, the types and number of vibrating signals have already been tested and revised in real-life situations. With minimal training, users were able to discern the different communications and react accordingly.



  • Non-auditory, which lowers the likelihood of “alarm fatigue”
  • Three different types of personalized information streams are delivered to one person
  • A vibrotactile system helps a user differentiate between separate alerts
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