Dec. 16, 2019 - Update on Leacock amphitheatre project


Published: 9Jan2020

Update on Leacock construction project

The construction project around the Leacock Building is advancing on schedule.

The work carried out in the past few months included the demolition of the terrace and other concrete structures to the west and south of the building, excavation work and construction of a retention basin. We have also been repairing the exterior structural columns around the building.

In January 2020, the exterior concrete rehabilitation work will continue with repairs to the foundation and underground slabs. This will be followed by the replacement of the curtain wall on the 3rd floor of the west side and the first two floors of the south side and east side starting in February 2020.

The exterior stone works and landscaping to build the exterior amphitheatre are scheduled to begin in May 2020.

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