Debbie Moskowitz wins Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Canadian Psychology

Published: 3 June 2020

Debbie Moskowitz of McGill University is the 2020 recipient of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Canadian Psychology. This award is presented to recognize CPA Members or Fellows who have given exceptional and enduring lifetime contributions to Canadian Psychology during their career.

"This year the Canadian Psychology Association has chosen to recognize a career of outstanding work by giving Prof. Debbie S. Moskowitz the Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions. Prof. Moskowitz has made foundational contributions to the fields of personality, assessment, psychopathology, and quantitative methodology.

"Prof. Moskowitz’s work has always stood out for addressing fundamental issues in methodologically innovative and rigorous ways, but what distinguishes it most is that her work has been prescient. The main questions of current day personality and psychopathology focus on understanding traits and disorders as dynamic processes that exhibit both meaningful stability and variability; Prof. Moskowitz has been a trailblazer in investigating these complementary features of behavior since the 1980s.

"We owe much of the way we conceptualize, measure, and model psychological and behavioral processes to her efforts and vision. In addition to her resounding research achievements, Prof. Moskowitz has distinguished herself as a kind and generative mentor and colleague to many in the field. She has also provided creative and wise leadership within her university and numerous scholarly societies.

"For all these reasons, we are honored to have Prof. Moskowitz as a member of CPA and pleased to give her this award."

Dr. Richard Koestner, Department of Psychology, McGill University

Dr. Moskowitz received her award via Zoom on Friday as part of the CPA awards ceremony and Annual General Meeting. The AGM was held virtually, in place of the ceremony that was to take place at the CPA’s annual convention in Montreal this past weekend.

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