D2 upgrade completed: New plugin and recommended browsers


Published: 30Sep2020

The D2 upgrade has been completed successfully!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first time you sign into D2, you may see a spinning D2 logo; refresh your browser by holding down the Ctrl and function-F5 keys.


Original announcement (September 24, 2020)

On September 30th, 2020, D2 (document management solution) will be upgraded to a new version with increased support for Chrome and Edge browsers, including the ability to drag and drop files between D2 and the desktop, as well as Outlook application.

  • After the upgrade, the recommended browsers for D2 will be Edge and Chrome, with the Documentum Client Manager plugin.
  • Download and install the Documentum Client Manager plugin if prompted.

  • For centrally-supported computers, the new plugin will be installed for you remotely by IT Customer Services. You will just need to click OK when you see the prompt to trust the website https://cms.mcgill.ca/D2:

More about D2

D2 is McGill's recommended document management solution, used to manage records or final versions of documents. Features include :

  • Collaborate with small or large groups of people to create and share documents.
  • Manage access to documents based on user roles and customizable permissions.
  • Easily store and retrieve documents with features like keywords and full-text search.
  • Keep track of different document versions.
  • Import/export an entire folder structure.
  • Personalize your workspace via customizable widgets.
  • Automate document lifecycles.
  • Develop basic and complex workflows for documents.
  • Access files and documents anytime and anywhere.

For more information about D2, how to request access and sign up for training, see About: D2 (document management solution) in the IT Knowledge Base.

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