Congratulations to Equity & Community Building Award Winners, Dr. Ada Sinacore, ECP, and Professor Jake Burack, McGill Youth Study Team

Published: 25 May 2022

Dr. Ada Sinacore, of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Professor Jake Burack, of the McGill Youth Study Team, have been awarded the Equity & Community Building Award. Now in its 10th year, the award recognizes the work of students, faculty and staff committed to advancing equity and diversity at McGill.

Dr. Ada Sinacore is an associate professor in ECP and directs the Social Justice and Diversity Research Lab in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology in the Faculty of Education. She has dedicated her academic career to examining issues related to social justice, diversity, immigration, gender, and sexual violence. Since 2021, Dr. Sinacore has served as president of the Canadian Psychological Association. In this role, Dr. Sinacore supported the development and publication of fact sheets detailing the mental health crisis that has resulted from the war in Ukraine. These fact sheets, entitled Coping with Emergencies, Disasters and Violent Events, is published in English and Ukrainian.

The McGill Youth Study Team, works to make equity and community building the heart of this team’s commitment. For more than three decades MYST has been dedicated to research with children with neurodevelopment disorders and children and youth from marginalized groups. MYST members focus on strengths, and reject narratives that pathologize or focus on deficits from these populations.

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