Congrats to Dr. Signy Sheldon and co-authors on their publication in Perspectives on Psychological Science

Published: 6 March 2023

Negative self-schemas (i.e., maladaptive views of the self) are at the core of many common and debilitating mental disorders, including anxiety disorders. It is critical that interventions for these disorders target and change these schemas. A recent publication by Professor Signy Sheldon, Ph.D., David Moscovitch Ph.D., and Morris Moscovitch, Ph.D., provides a new memory-based neurocognitive framework for understanding mental disorders and suggests that this framework can lead to effective interventions that focus on modifying self-schemas. This model highlights the use of engaging in mental simulation of autobiographical events to challenge negative self-schemas, leading to schema change. Thus deeper and more integrative understanding of memory in mental health disorders may be a key transdiagnostic target for intervention.

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