Communicating science through podcasts


Published: 26Mar2018

LISTEN NOW to 4 Mac campus student podcasts created at the Lister Family Engaged Science Broad Science Podcast Workshop Series this March.     

  • Microwaves, Cows and Wetland Carbon featuring Mac students Audrey St-Yves (MSc Animal Science), Haley Alcock (MSc Natural Resource Sciences) and Anthony Iheonye (PhD Bioresource Engineering)
  • The case of legionella pneumophila / How to detect an eating disorder?  featuring interviews by Alyshia Guan (Undergraduate student in Dietetics) and Mariam Saad (PhD Student in Natural resource sciences)
  • Designing pipes, benefits of essential oils & reducing metals in crops featuring interviews by Marina Nguyen (Master's student in Food Science), Naresh Gaj (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering), and Christopher Nzediegwu (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering)
  • Improving egg quality and measuring greenhouse gases featuring interviews by Liam Fitzpatrick (Master's Student in Bioresource Engineering) and Adeyemi Olutoyin Adegbenjo (PhD Student in Bioresource Engineering)