Claudia Mitchell Wins Quebec's highest research honour


Published: 15Oct2019

Congratulations Claudia. You're the best.

Claudia Mitchell wins the 2019 Leon-Gerin Prix du Quebec for her illustrious career studying gender-based violence prevention, HIV, and AIDS awareness, and working with youth around the world.



“It means so much to me to be involved in participatory visual work with girls and young women, and to have their contributions recognized,” said Mitchell. “Today, October 11, is after all the International Day of the Girl. I feel that this is a crucial moment in history; we are seeing such powerful examples of girls and young women whose strong voices are bringing about social change. I am thinking here of Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, Nadia Murad, and Autumn Pelletier, to name only four.”Claudia Mitchell, 2019


Over 30 years of Research Facilitation and Achievements and still going strong.
2017-2020Circles within circles: Transnational perspectives on youth-led approaches to combating gender violence.
2011-2014Digital voices: Rural teachers in the age of AIDS and social action
2009-2012Through the eyes of rural Rwandan girls and women in engendering poverty reduction strategies
2007-2012Every Voice Counts: An Asset-based Approach to Addressing HIV in Rural Communities
2002-2004Gorbachev Foundation's Women in the Third Millennium
1999-2002Professional self-study: Image-based methods for teachers and teacher educators
1996-2001Canada South Africa Education Management Programme. (Partnership between CIDA, McGill University and the South Africa National Department of Education)
1996-1999Let’s begin at the beginning: Using early life experiences to understand and improve teacher education
1990-1991Exploring teachers’ beliefs about socialization and literacy
1986-1987Sexual stereotyping in elementary schools


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