Canada can't be complacent about threats to our democracy | The Monitor

Published: 12 January 2023


January 5, 2023 | "Disinformation is a global problem, and Canada is not immune." said Supriya Dwivedi and Phaedra de Saint-Rome from the Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy at McGill University. In their article they mention that levels of trust in mainstream media are falling, Canadians are increasingly getting their news from other sources, and populist political rhetoric is increasing. This makes Canadians more likely to come across mis-/disinformation and be susceptible to it. This is important to highlight in the context of Canada's need to strengthen its misinformation resiliency. 

"It's easy to take Canada's robust and healthy democracy for granted. But democracy takes work. Hopefully, our political leaders realize they need to start putting in the work to protect ours." they said.

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