Call for applications: Research Assistant position


Published: 20Nov2020

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM)’s professor of practice Ana Brandusescu and McGill Department of Geography and Bieler School of Environment professor Renee Sieber are seeking applications to fill a research assistant position for a SSHRC-funded project called Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Rest of Us.



  • Analyze the rhetoric and proposals for meaningful civic engagement in AI development and deployment by the public and private sectors


  • Explore the potential for civic information and technical assistance nonprofit organizations to serve as a bridge to meaningful engagement in AI



  • Research assistantship for an individual with undergraduate or graduate degree: $25/hour (depending on expertise) for 10 hours/week for 52 weeks


  • Stipend for those who enter graduate program (in geography): $16,400/year for 2 years


Start date

  • January 2021 for a research assistantship (existing McGill students or individuals with Masters degrees preferred)
  • September 2021 for entry into to the graduate program


Successful candidates will be expected to communicate in English within the work team. Please see the attached document for more details on the AI for the Rest of Usproject and the vacancies.


To apply, please send a statement of interest to Ana Brandusescu (ana.brandusescu [at] and Renee Sieber (renee.sieber [at] before November 30, 2020.

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