BCom student’s TEDxMcGill talk on retaining Gen Z employees promoted globally

Published: 17 August 2023

Amidst the struggle to retain young talent, Generation Z's distinct workplace preferences come to the forefront. In his TEDxMcGill talk "Retaining Gen Z talent - An Insider's Perspective," McGill Desautels third-year BCom student Andrei Adam leverages personal experiences and research to offer actionable insights for organizations striving to retain their Gen Z employees. His talk went on to be recognized by TED and selected amongst the handful that receive global promotion, being recommended toTEDx’s 34 million subscribers.

Andrei, Co-President of Canada's largest Gen Z consulting firm, JED Consulting, brings real-world expertise to the table. By collaborating with major Canadian companies, JED shapes corporate engagement with the 16-24 demographic, bolstered by Andrei's role as a trailblazer in peer tutoring and youth-centric legislation. By weaving in JED's latest research and personal narratives, he provides practical perspectives applicable to any organization seeking to connect with young talent.

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