A 3-year Grant to Fund Research on Multimorbidity and Chronic Disease Management Systems


Published: 27Jun2018

The use of single-disease clinical guidelines is not appropriate for the management of patients with multimorbidity, the occurrence of multiple chronic disease in one patient. Groupe Santé Concerto developed guidelines that can be integrated and may result in improvement of patient quality of care. Chronic Disease Management Systems (CDMS), developed by HOSPITALIS may be able to support the integration of the Concerto guidelines and could improve the quality of care received by patients with multimorbidity. The aim of this project, led by Drs. Geneviève Arsenault-Lapierre and Isabelle Vedel at the Department of Family Medicine, in collaboration with Dr. Joan Bartlett from the School of Information Studies at McGill, is to make the proof of concept that the chosen CDMS solution can support the integration of Concerto guidelines and to evaluate the implementation and impact of these integrated guidelines on the quality of care, across the continuum of care, for patients with multimorbidity.  The team received a 3-year grant from MEDTEQ Innovation in Health of 257 307$.

Congratulations! The Department of Family Medicine is looking forward to following this journey.