2024 DOM Academic Promotions

Published: 15 March 2024

Please be advised that should you wish to put forward an application for promotional consideration for tenured or contract academic staff members, the Department of Medicine only submits dossiers for consideration for the FALL promotions.

1. Faculty Lecturer to Assistant Professor (CAS)
2. Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (CAS)
3. Associate Professor to Full Professor (CAS or Tenured)

Timeline in the Department of Medicine is as follows:

March 11 to April 8, 2024

Potential applicants contact Dr. Marc Rodger’s office for a 15-minute meeting to review their file.

Contact: nailah.bahalwan [at] with cc to marc.rodger [at]

One week in advance of meeting, applicants must submit a preliminary application:

  • An updated CV (using the attached McGill template)
  • A one page summary:
    • to Assistant Professor – Indicate your 5-year plans for academic contribution (teaching, research, service to the academic community (e.g. leadership roles, work, other)
    • to Associate Professor – The promotion process will include an evaluation by your peers of your contributions in three domains (teaching, research and “other scholarly activities”). Please provide a 1 page rationale why you believe your peers will assess your contributions as “excellent/superior” (relative to your peers who have achieved promotion to Associate Professor) in at least 2 of these 3 domains.
    • to Full Professor – Indicate why you believe have reached an international level of recognition in your area of focus. What objective evidence of national level recognition (international speaking invitations, grants, publications, dissemination of other scholarly work)
May 6, 2024
Potential applicants submit their completed application to the departmental office. Submit to acad.officer.aec8 [at]
June 2024
The departmental promotions committee meet to review
Summer 2024
Candidates who have received a positive review by the departmental committee have the opportunity to update their file before final submission
September 3, 2024
All updates must be received in the Department of Medicine
October 1, 2024
The Department of Medicine submits recommended files to the Faculty

Dossier requirements:

Please consult the Faculty of Medicine’s website for detailed information on the requirements for dossier submissions:

Promotion to Assistant Professor or Associate Professor 

Promotion to Full Professor

Note on Joint appointments:

Faculty members who are jointly appointed in two or more departments must be considered for promotion by a joint departmental promotions committee.

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