2019-2020 Student Awards and Prizes


Published: 18Jun2020

The Department of English is proud to recognize the following students who have been selected for the awards and scholarships listed below for the 2019-2020 academic year.

(The writing prizes are all determined by committees made up of professors in the Department of English, who review submissions with the authors’ names removed.)


Algy Smillie Noad Memorial Prize for a superior Honours thesis

Julien William Gagnon


Allen A. Lang Essay Award for an essay on a topic related to either Canadian or American Literature after the year 1900

Julien William Gagnon


Catherine M. Shaw Early Drama Award for the best essay on early drama

Holly Anne Wethey


Charles E. Fremes Memorial Scholarship to an undergraduate student who has shown achievement in both Eng­lish and Communication Studies and who has demonstrated lead­ership

Angelina Bihan Ding


Charles William Snyder Scholarships to outstanding students entering U3 in either Honours, Joint Honours, or Major programs in English

Sophia Frances Garnett

Emily Magajna

Emily Alice Corinne Vaillancourt


Chester Macnaghten Prizes for the best piece of creative writing in English submitted by an undergraduate student of the University

First prize: Chloe Gabrielle Palmer-Laporte

Second prize: Dylan John Adamson


Dora Forsyth Prize to an outstanding female student in the Department of English

Eléa Marie Raphaelle Regembal


Dow-Hickson Scholarship to outstanding students entering U2 or U3 in the Honours program in English Literature, Philosophy, or Psychology

Kira Hoelscher


Elsie Stephen Reford Scholarship to an outstanding student in the Department of English

Peter Samuel Ball


Harry Barker Memorial Prize in English to the student with the highest standing in English in the initial year

Sarah Emily Nicholson Ford


James Darling McCall Scholarship to an outstanding student entering the final year in English Honours

Kira Hoelscher


Jesse Norris Memorial Award awarded on the basis of academic merit to a student in the Department of English who is entering the final year

Eskandar Edward Sepahpur


Lionel Shapiro Award for Creative Writing to one or more students in the final year of the B.A. course who have demonstrated outstanding literary talent

Eleanor Chiha

Samuel Fleischman


Margaret & Graham Neeson Scholarship to an outstanding undergraduate student who has completed at least one year of the Honours English Program

Charles Campbell Mascia


Mary Keenan Scholarship in English to a student proceeding to the M.A. in English at McGill

Ashley Robin Hards


Mona Elaine Adilman Poetry Prize for outstanding talent in the area of poetry

Kasia Van Schaik


Peterson Memorial Prize in English Literature to a student with distinction in English Literature who has also shown creative literary ability

Kasia Van Schaik


Shakespeare Gold Medal for English Language and Literature

Julien William Gagnon


Shakespeare Scholarship to a student advancing to the final year with special distinction in English Honours courses

Athina Khalid



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