2017 Resident Awards Night Winners


Dear Residents and Faculty, 

On behalf of the Postgraduate Residency Training Program and the Department of Psychiatry, we would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2017 Annual Awards Night. 


Dr. Leon Tourian


Psychiatry Residency Program

Awards night 2017


Staff Prizes

Best Role Model

Nominees: Drs. Nicola Casacalenda, Gail Myhr and Robert Biskin

Winner: Dr. Gail Myhr

Best Junior Supervisor

Nominees: Drs. Leon Tourian, Robert Biskin and Alexandru Traicu

Winner: Dr. Alexandru Traicu

Best Senior Supervisor

Nominees: Drs. Tewfik Said, Viviane Zicherman and Daniel Zigman

Winner: Dr. Daniel Zigman

Best Resident’s Advocate

Nominees: Drs. Floriana Ianni, Leon Tourian and Mimi Israel

Winner: Dr. Floriana Ianni


Paper Awards

Chairman’s Prize:

Drs. David Benrimoh and Antoine Perreault

Dr. Dominique Elie

Gabrielle Weiss Prize: Dr. Nasr Farooqi

Innovative Prize: Dr. Anika Maraj

Geriatric Prize: Dr. Dominique Elie


Non-Paper Awards

Outstanding Junior Clinician Award

Nominees: Drs. Carmen Chen, Anika Maraj, Marie Fournier and Alexandre Allard

Winner: Dr. Anika Maraj

Outstanding Senior Clinician Award

Nominees: Drs. Chantal Tellier and Dominique Elie

Winner: Dr. Dominique Elie

Outstanding Leader Award

Nominees: Drs. Natacha Deleva, David Benrimoh and Delphine Roussel-Bergeron

Winner: Dr. David Benrimoh

Outstanding Teacher

Nominees: Drs. Maria Tuineag, Oren Kradjen, Kevin Rohani and Melanie Bilbul

Winner: Dr. Kevin Rohani

Outstanding Academic Award

Nominees: Drs. David Benrimoh, Dominique Elie and Anika Maraj

Winner: Dr. Dominique Elie

Dennis Engels Psychotherpy Award

Nominees: Drs. Chantal Tellier and Ghenwah Dakhallah

Winner: Dr. Ghenwah Dakhallah