10th McGill International Cellphilm Festival

Published: 19 April 2022



a community challenging discrimination, 

a safe space, 

a decolonized world, 

an equal opportunity for all on the margins,  

a new way to live together … 


Share your thoughts with the world. 


As the world twists and turns, the 10th edition of the McGill International Cellphilm Festival invites you to look through the critical lens of “cellphilm” production. To create a cellphilm use your cellphone creatively to craft a short film on how your community addresses issues of discrimination and replaces structural racism with creative solidarity. Communities may be created by location, culture and shared traits and/or identity. Whether connected remotely through online groups or gathered together in the same place, your community can tell stories about what changes are currently being made, and what changes need to be made, to decolonize the perceptions that surround us. How can cellphilming be an activist tool ? 


This year we have $5000 in prizes for both individual and group submissions! We welcome cellphilm submissions of up to 2 minutes in length. Submit your cellphilm through our online application at by May 20th,2022. 


Join us for the 10th edition of the McGill International Cellphilm Festival on June 15th, 2022. 

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