Wrongful Convictions: An Ongoing Conversation with David Milgaard Moderated by Mugambi Jouet

Thursday, February 3, 2022 14:30to16:00

With David Milgaard and Mugambi Jouet. 

About the talk

David Milgaard’s story is a powerful one.  More powerful yet is how he has moved beyond his unfortunate backstory and experience and has worked tirelessly for decades to inspire, inform, and advocate for change for the wrongfully convicted in Canada.  He is currently advocating for those exonerated to be released immediately from prison.  The talk will also explore the interrelationship between David Milgaard's wrongful conviction and wider systemic concerns.

About the speaker

David Milgaard spent over 22 years in prison for murder. He was innocent. His case would become a cause célèbre for miscarriages of justice. Since his exoneration, he has become an advocate for criminal justice reform and social justice in Canada.

Via Zoom. For more information, please contact the //human.rights [at] mcgill.ca">CHRLP

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