Workshop - Salary & Offer Negotiation


Adams Building Frank Dawson Adams Building Room FDA 24, 3450 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E8, CA

Learn how to prepare for salary and offer discussion and negotiation. Topics include: compensation vs. salary, typical benefits, benefits of salary research, how and when to negotiate.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who registered for the Salary Negotiation workshop on April 3rd will be invited to participate in the April 2nd photo session (photos will only be released if they attend the workshop)



- the Photo shoot will take place on Tuesday April 2nd 2019 @ 2:30pm – 4:00pm


- Photo shoot location details will be sent to your McGill email on April 1st 2019


- Students must register and attend the Salary Negotiation workshop on April 3rd 2019 in order to receive their photograph


- Please dress appropriately (no visible logos)


- Students are asked not to wear plain white shirts/tops as the backdrop is white

RSVP : Sign up on > Events > Workshops (keyword: ECC)