Wirth Vocal Prize 2020-2021: Semi-Final


Webcast from Pollack Hall

New this year is the public semi-final round, offering an additional opportunity for the jury and audience members to hear the candidates. In a format similar to a professional audition, the 8 semi-finalist singers select the first piece of their program and the jury chooses the next piece(s) from the provided repertoire list. 


Wirth Vocal Prize 2020-2021 Semi-finalists:
  • Ariadne Lih, soprano with Nate Ben-Horin, piano and Sylvain Bergeron, archlute 
  • Jacqueline Woodley, soprano with Jennifer Szeto, piano and Sylvain Bergeron, archlute
  • Olivier Gagnon, tenor with Jennifer Szeto, piano 
  • Emily Richter, soprano with Rebecca Klassen-Wiebe, piano 
  • Avery Lafrentz, soprano with Esther Gonthier, piano 
  • Wesley Harrison, tenor with Esther Gonthier, piano
  • Jessica Toupin, soprano with Kerry Agnew, piano 
  • Raphaël Laden-Guindon, baritone with Kerry Agnew, piano 

The Wirth Vocal Prize, established as a result of Elizabeth Wirth’s landmark gift in 2015, is awarded annually to an outstanding voice student at the Schulich School of Music who demonstrates exceptional skill and artistry. The first-place prize in the competition is valued at $25,000, a maximum of three runners-up will receive a $1000 prize.


With the safety of our community and our students’ education remaining as top priority, performances will not be open to the public. We thank our audiences for their continued support to our community and our School.

Keep informed on how COVID-19 affects the Schulich School of Music via our FAQ.

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