Wilderness First Aid [20h]

Saturday, June 8, 2024 08:30toSunday, June 9, 2024 18:00
probably 5th floor GIC facility
$217 + taxes

The Dept. of Geography is organizing two 20 hour Wilderness First Aid course in April.


The next 20 hour Wilderness First Aid courses will be at Mac campus on June 8 an 9. The instructor will be from www.siriusmed.com.

Saturday June 8th, 08h30 am to about 10 pm. It is a long day. And

Sunday June 9th, 08h30 to 17h30.


A minimum of 7 committed participants is required to run a course.

If we have fewer than 7 participants before the course, the group will have the option of paying slightly more per person, so the course goes ahead.


Training and topics.

  • CPR and AED cardiac defibrilation.
  • First Aid treatment of injuries - basics and specifics for remote locations.
  • Assessing and stabilizing injuries in preparation for emergency evacuation.
  • 3 - 4 outdoor simulations near Burnside Hall.


Certification and first aid books will be provided.


Some research grants cover the cost of Wilderness First Aid training, so ask your supervisors.


Cost. The cost per participant will be $250 including taxes. [To be confirmed]

Location of course. Macdonald Campus, ask Sirius for details



Please contact Yannick Sisla at, ysisla@sisius.

See course info https://siriusmedx.com/en_CA/event/wilderness-first-aid-20h-montreal-qc-june-8-and-9-2024-wfa1-4508-9622/register


Feel free to contact me for more info. Tell your friends about the course. Stay safe.






Dept. of Geography

Cel. 438-929-4493


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