What is Inclusive Leadership and Why is it Important? Academic Insights with Prof. Patricia Hewlin

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 07:00to08:00

During these difficult and unprecedented times, the world is in critical need of leaders who are skilled at connecting with people in meaningful ways: building unity, demonstrating empathy, and thoughtfully integrating the ideas and concerns of all their constituents. 

MAA Japan is pleased to welcome Professor Patricia Hewlin, who will be discussing some of the key tenets of inclusive leadership. She will share insights from her research into the role of authenticity and values among diverse organizational leaders and entrepreneurs in Canada, the US and Asia - and illustrate the importance of assimilating those insights into today's workplaces. 

MAA Japan would like to welcome alumni from around the world to attend this digital event! 

The discussion will take place at 8:00 pm in Japan Standard time, however, we've included time conversions below for your convenience. 
(If you do not see your time zone, please click here to find the conversion)

Chicago, USA - 6:00 am
Montreal, Canada - 7:00 am
London, UK - 12:00 pm
Mumbai, India - 4:30 pm
Sydney, Australia - 9:00 pm  

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