Special Seminar: Intracortical brain computer interfaces


Speaker: David Brandman, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Functional / Stereotactic Neurosurgery Fellow,  Emory University, USA

Host: Kevin Petrecca

Registration: Eventbrite

Talk abstract

Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that decode neural information from the brain to allow people to control objects in their environment using their thoughts. The ongoing multi-site BrainGate2 clinical trial has demonstrated that people with paralysis -- from degenerative neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, and strokes -- can reliably control computer cursors, robotic arms, and even their own paralyzed limbs. In this presentation I will discuss the principles of BCI design, modern approaches to BCI decoding algorithms, and growth opportunities for this technology.

The objectives of the talk are:

1. Describe the components of a brain computer interface (BCI)

2. Describe how an intracranial BCI can be used for communication

3. Describe some limitations in modern intracranial BCI technology

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Sasha Kelly
Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital
sasha.kelly [at] mcgill.ca
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