Social Statistics and Population Dynamics Seminar - Shannon MONNAT - Apr. 5, 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 12:00to13:00

The Social Statistics and Population Dynamics Seminar, supported by the Dean of Arts Development Fund, present "U.S. Rural Population Health in the Context of Drug Overdoses, COVID-19, and Longer-Term Mortality Trends" a talk with Shannon Monnat, Department of Sociology, Syracuse University.


The U.S. rural mortality penalty is wide and growing. This talk will present an overview of trends in rural and urban mortality rates since 1990, identify where rates have increased the most, discuss the major causes of death that have contributed to the increasing rural mortality penalty, and discuss some potential explanations for these trends. With this longer-term context in mind, the presentation will move into a discussion of two contemporary population health crises – the drug overdose crisis and COVID-19 – and discuss their differential impacts across the U.S. rural-urban continuum.


This is an in-person event held in Leacock Building, Room 429 (4th Floor).


Shannon Monnat

Prof. Shannon Monnat is a professor of Sociology at Syracuse University and the Lerner Chair in Public Health Promotion and Population Health and Director of the Center for Policy Research. She is a rural sociologist, demographer, and population health scholar who conducts research on demographic and geographic trends and differences in health and mortality, with a specific interest in rural health and health disparities.

Her most recent research has focused on drug use and overdose, particularly trying to understand the factors that explain demographic and geographic differences in use and overdose rates.

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Supported by the Dean of Arts Development Fund

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