Social Statistics and Population Dynamics Seminar - Renzo Calderon ANYOSA - Mar. 29, 2023

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 12:00to13:00

The Social Statistics and Population Dynamics Seminar, supported by the Dean of Arts Development Fund, present "The impact of Peru’s Women’s Emergency Centers on the frequency of physical, sexual, and psychological intimate partner violence among women" a talk with PhD Candidate Renzon Calderon Anyosa, Departement of Epidemiology, McGill University.

Abstract: Violence against women is a pervasive form of violence worldwide, inflicting severe consequences on women, their children, and society as a whole. Peru has taken measures to address this issue by establishing Women's Emergency Centers (CEMs) in 1999. The CEMs provide free services to support survivors and organize community events aimed at preventing violence. This study seeks to evaluate the impact of the CEMs on physical, sexual, and psychological intimate partner violence (IPV) between 2004 and 2016 in Peru. The researchers conducted a secondary analysis of data from the domestic violence module of the Demographic and Health Surveys from 2004 to 2016. The study's primary outcome is the binary probability of experiencing physical, psychological, or sexual IPV in the last 12 months. To account for the staggered implementation of CEMs in different districts at different times, the analysis uses a difference-in-differences model and the Callaway and Sant'Anna estimator. Despite the CEMs' intended purpose of reducing the incidence of IPV, the study's results suggest that they have had a limited impact on the frequency of physical or sexual violence and may have led to an increase in psychological violence. In this presentation, the researchers will explore potential reasons for these effects, including the possibility that the CEMs may have increased reporting rather than incidence, or a combination of both factors.


This is an in-person event held in Leacock Building, Room 429 (4th Floor).


Renzo Jose Carlos Calderon Anyosa

Renzo Calderon-Anyosa is a PhD student in Epidemiology at McGill University. He received his MD and MSc in Biomedical Informatics in Global Health at Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru and has been working in public health since early in his career. His past research activities involved participating in interdisciplinary programs in global health with a focus on social epidemiology. Renzo's main interest is in understanding and evaluating public policies regarding social and gender inequality in healthcare, neglected and chronic diseases and the use of communication technologies in public health. His PhD thesis evaluates the impact of social interventions on gender-based violence in the Americas, including the identification of national data sources and an in-depth policy analysis of interventions with an interdisciplinary approach. His research will contribute to promote evidence-based policy in the region to work towards the eradication of violence.


Supported by the Dean of Arts Development Fund

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