Research Seminar: Experiences of moral distress in Canadian Family Medicine workers during COVID-19

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 12:30to13:30

Several news reports have highlighted that the discipline of family medicine in Canada is currently n crisis; clinicians, including physicians, nurses, and social workers, are leaving their professions in droves, seemingly catalyzed by COVID-19 circumstances which resemble moral distress. However, moral distress, its features, and its impacts on the lives and practices of those working within family medicine, have rarely been discussed. This presentation will highlight the results of a qualitative case study exploring the experiences of moral distress in individuals working within family medicine in Ontario and Alberta during the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing attention to how family medicine workers attempted to respond to rapid shifts in provincial policy, health systems pressures, and the needs of their patients.

Seminar title: Experiences of moral distress in Canadian Family Medicine workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Speaker: Monica Molinaro, Assistant Professor, Institute of Health Sciences Education, McGill University.

When: Wednesday April 17, 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.

Where: Online via Zoom. (A link will be sent to you after registration).

Research Seminar Series

Every month, a research seminar is held at the Department of Family Medicine where we either feature visiting researchers from other universities, or showcase the work of our own researchers. The seminars are attended by our graduate students, researchers and clinicians, and are open to the whole McGill community. They address a wide range of research methods and topics relevant to primary health care, and provide opportunity for interaction and exchange with the speakers. The Research Seminars are often on Fridays at around noon.

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