Research Opportunities with the Health and Retirement Study

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 12:00to13:00
Online via Zoom, QC, CA

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This session will discuss the potential of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to shed light on complex questions surrounding aging, work, retirement, health, family connections, and others. The HRS is a nationally representative longitudinal survey of over 37,000 individuals over the age of 50 in the US. The survey aims to capture shifting health and economic circumstances at the individual and population levels and has been employed to understand adverse experiences over the lifecourse and cognitive impairment, among others.


12:00 - 12:05 | Welcome and introductions
12:05 - 12:45 | Lecture session  
12:45 - 12:55 | Moderated Q&A session with Dr. Amanda Sonnega
12:55 - 13:00 | Closing and upcoming sessions 


This is an online webinar hosted on Zoom. To receive details to enter the event, please register.  

Keynote Speaker

Speaker Amanda Sonnega

Amanda Sonnega

Amanda Sonnega, PhD, is an Associate Research Scientist in the Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan (UM), where she is responsible for integrating communication, outreach, and education efforts for the Health and Retirement Study. She received her doctorate through the Department of Health, Behavior, and Society at the Johns Hopkins University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship within the ISR program in Social Environment and Health. Dr. Sonnega has lectured in the UM School of Public Health on psychosocial factors in health-related behavior. Her research focuses on life course trajectories of physical and mental health; institutional and personal factors associated with vulnerability and resilience in aging individuals; and work transitions and their broad effects on health and well-being.

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