Rei Inoue Aisenstadt Chair Lecture Series


Rei Inoue is a Japanese mathematician at Chiba University. She is well known for her work on discrete integrable systems, in particular the algebraic and geometric understanding of integrable ball-box type systems. She uses techniques from algebraic geometry, tropical geometry, cluster algebras and combinatorics.

She also studies knot invariants and Teichmüller theory by applying cluster algebras.

She received a PhD in 2001 from the University of Tokyo on the topic of algebraic structures of discrete integrable systems and soliton cellular automata under the supervision of Miki Wadati.

Organizers :
Pascal Baseilhac (CNRS - Université de Tours)
Marco Bertola (Concordia University et SISSA)
Vincent Bouchard (University of Alberta)
Sylvie Corteel (University of California, Berkeley)
Nicolas Crampé (CNRS, Université de Tours)
Hendrik De Bie (Universiteit Gent)
Francisco Alberto Grünbaum (University of California, Berkeley)
Véronique Hussin (Université de Montréal)
Luc Lapointe (Universidad de Talca)
Makiko Sasada (The University of Tokyo)
Satoshi Tsujimoto (Kyoto University)
Jan Felipe van Diejen (Universidad de Talca)
Robert A. Weston (Heriot-Watt University)


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