Rare Books Workshop in collaboration with the Jewish Public Library

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 13:00to14:00

On Tuesday, 8 December at 1:00pm, join Elis Ing, curator of Jewish collections within Rare Books and Special Collections at the McGill Library, and colleagues from the Jewish Public Library Rare Books Collection, as they come together as part of the Jewish Public Library’s ongoing series of rare books workshops.

Free, registration is required. Visit the event page to register.


The “menu” for this workshop includes:

• The Brant Shpigl (1676) A highly-instructive ethics manual written especially for young women and girls -- – by someone who was neither of those things, Mosheh Henokhs Yerushalmi Altshuler.

• Maʼamar ha-hokhmah (1782) : A collection of treatises by the kabbalist Moses Chaim Luzzatto, and printed by the Proops Family printing dynasty.

• Ḳehilat Yaʻaḳov (1763): A long biblical Yiddish poem originally written in 1692 based on the Sefer ha-Yashar, an 11th century Midrashic work. The author was suspected of being a secret disciple of the false messiah, Shabbetai Zevi.

• Di Freye harfe : a zamelbukh fun lieder (1906): the saga of the largest and one of the most illustrious printing family from Vilna, the Romms.

• The Zohar (1815) Its authorship contentious, its use and study reserved for initiates, the printing of this edition has a labyrinth of dramatic and tragic narratives.

We are grateful to the Dr. Michael D. Paul Rare Books Initiative for its support of this event.

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