Precision Convergence Webinar Series: Inaugural session June 7, 2021



Inventing a Precision Science for a World Reset on Convergence Economy

Presented by series Co-Chairs Laurette Dubé and Shawn Brown

With a high-level panel of leaders in science, technology, on-the-ground action, investment, and policy

This webinar inaugurates the precision convergence series, launched to catalyze unique synergy between novel partnerships across sciences, sectors and jurisdictions around targeted domains of real-world solutions on one hand, and on the other hand, a next generation convergence of AI with advanced research computing and other data and digital architectures such as PSC’s Bridges-2 supporting data sharing frameworks such as HuBMAP. The anchor presentation by series co-chairs will first articulate the disciplinary, data open/data sharing, and data-centric computational research that serves as the foundation of precision convergence to support adaptive real-world behavior and context. They will then provide an overview of the 15-year journey of a real-world test bed taking the food domain as first entry point and progressively moving to health/healthcare and other social and economic sectors.

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