Pre-Startup Skills: Workshop #5 – Customer Discovery


 Workshop #5 – Customer Discovery

This workshop will provide an overview of the customer discovery process and then delve deeper into how to conduct customer interviews and how to iterate on your business model or lean canvas.


RSVP Here! Once you register a zoom link will be emailed to you.


This event is part of a series of workshops, see the complete Fall 2021 schedule here! Each workshop allows McGill student participants to receive CCR recognition under the Personal and Professional Development section.


Each workshop allows McGill student participants to receive CCR recognition under the Personal and Professional Development section. You will learn how to select and use the design thinking and lean startup methodologies for enhancing innovation and discovering your customers. You will also learn about intellectual property, how to analyze competition, and the resources and tools available to you through the McGill libraries for patent searching and market research. Select one workshop or all, you decide which topic or topics are of interest! 

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