Our Shared Spaces: Intro to Anti-Oppression

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 17:30to19:30
 Intro to Anti-Oppression

In this workshop, participants will receive an introduction to the concept of anti-oppression. Connections will be drawn between university commitments and the goals of anti-oppression. The workshop will leverage Zoom’s interactivity to engage participants in understanding equity-centered terminology. Learners will explore how expressions of oppression manifest in policies, society, as well as on campus. They will also reflect on positionality and brainstorm how they may mobilize their privilege to make the campus a better place.

Learning Objectives:

- Define anti-oppression and related terminology
- Reflect on their positionality and privilege
- Explore how oppression manifests in society
- Investigate how power/privilege and oppression manifest in their own lives

IMPORTANT: Students must register with their official McGill email address in order for the registration to be valid.


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Accessibility: Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and Our Shared Spaces (OSS) are committed to providing educational content that is accessible to as many audiences as possible, regardless of ability. In the COVID-19 context, our workshops are provided via Zoom with automatic transcription enabled. Our PowerPoints go through an accessibility-checker, and if instructions are provided, they are given verbally and via written text. We provide content warnings throughout the workshop as needed. As a participant, you will have ample opportunity for varied engagement, some examples are via the Zoom chat function, breakout rooms, listening, and verbally in the larger group. There are no scheduled breaks but we encourage participants to take them as needed.

If you have any specific accessibility needs for an Our Shared Spaces workshop, please email oursharedspaces [at] mcgill.ca two business days prior to your workshop, or as soon as possible, so that we can see if arrangements can be made.

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