Optimizing teamwork & leadership: Inclusive leadership & creating cohesive groups for student leaders


Online, CA
 Inclusive leadership & creating cohesive groups for student leaders

A 2 part workshop series designed to foster learning and development of leadership capacities that help students integrate knowledge, skills and experiences in meaningful ways. The intention of this program is to empower participants in developing teamwork and leadership skills, encouraging participants to reflect and engage in practicing these skills and tools in current group contexts.

Especially beneficial for members of a team to do together (ie. study groups, student organizations, clubs) as a team-building opportunity, allowing members the time and space to consider how to be intentional in terms of inclusion, participation and decision-making while becoming more knowledgeable of group dynamics, healthy conflict, teamwork and more.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Engaging in a learning community through interactions, experimentation and sharing.
  • Recognizing and welcoming inclusive practices into team settings.
  • Practicing strategic collective processes such as decision-making in various contexts.
  • Defining actions to be implemented to develop resilience as leaders, team members and learners.
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