Opera McGill: The Old Maid and the Thief




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GIAN CARLO MENOTTI  The Old Maid and the Thief

Originally commissioned for radio by NBC, this one-act opera explores the gossips and secrets of a seemingly innocent town after a handsome beggar (and possible escaped convict) comes to the door of the Old Maid Miss Todd.


Sunday November 22, 2 p.m.


Production Team:
Mie Hirschfield | Project Manager
Stephen Hargreaves, Patrick Hansen, Elizabeth Koch | Role Preparation
Brigid Mary Lucey | Opera McGill office manager
Anna Atkinson | Opera McGill social media manager
David Menzies | Performance Librarian, Gertrude Whitley Performance Library
David Menzies | Ensemble Resource Supervisor
Stefano Algieri, Joanne Kolomyjec, Aline Kutan, Dominique Labelle, John Mac Master, Annamaria Popescu, Tracy Smith Bessette, Anja Strauss, Matthew Treviño | Voice Faculty
Esther Gonthier, Olivier Godin, Patrick Hansen, Stephen Hargreaves, Michael McMahon | Vocal Coaches
Martha de Francisco | Audio Supervision
Le Trafiquant d’images | Graphic Artist
Valérie Arboit | Translations
Ensemble Amis Plus | Program

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