Open Access Upload-a-thon




Each year McGill University Library celebrates Open Access Week and uses the week to discuss the benefit of making scholarly research broadly accessible on the internet.

The cornerstone of the open access initiative is to make the results of scholarly research freely and immediately accessible online. One way to achieve this is by placing versions of your already published work in an institutional repository.

This year, the Library is hosting an “Upload-a-Thon". We are asking all faculty members to upload their most recent article to eScholarship, our open access repository. 

It’s this simple: send the citation and accepted version (peer-reviewed, unformatted manuscript) of your most recent article to escholarship.library [at] Library staff will look into the policies of the journal and make the deposit for you. It’s 100% copyright compliant, all major publishers already allow this practice, it’s very easy, and you can start to see how greater availability increases the exposure and impact of your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Colleen Cook, Trenholme Dean of Libraries, McGill University Library

P.S. Have questions? Please contact Jennifer Innes, Repository Administrator, jennifer.innes [at] or escholarship.library [at] 

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