Not Lost at Sea: McGill Archivists to the Rescue


Rediscovery of a collection of naval crests, once prominently displayed at McGill then relegated to the purgatory of cardboard boxes in a gymnasium basement, inspires this presentation on the importance of artifacts in historical research. Where did these crests come from? Why are they at McGill? Why are they now largely forgotten? What stories can these crests and other artifacts tell us about ourselves and the history of McGill University?

Three presenters are joined by three commentators to explain the fascinating story behind the crests and their importance to McGill: Gordon Burr, Course Lecturer‎ in Archival Studies, School of Information Studies; Ron Critchley, President of the James McGill Society; Wes Cross, co-founder of the McGill Remembers Project. They are joined by: Dr. Jeffrey Noakes, Canadian War Museum; Malcolm Collis, HMS Ajax Veterans Association; Kirby Ross, Canadian Museum of Immigration.

CHAT ROOM: 5:00 pm

Join us through ZOOM (meeting link sent to all members).
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One-Hundred and Ninety-third Meeting of the James McGill Society



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