MIF Lunch & Learn 15: Finding dilutive funding

Thursday, April 18, 2024 12:00to13:00

Before finding customers, many startup and spinoff businesses need to find funding. In addition to a number of government grants and tax-credits (which were discussed in our previous Lunch & Learn), companies can also raise money by dilutive funding. Such an investment should provide critical funding to the company and raise its value, but dilutes the ownership of existing shareholders. For early-stage ventures from university research, how can you find investors willing to take a risk on a newly founded business? And how much ownership should you give away? To guide us through these and other questions we will hear from experts Fadi Albatal and Ines Holzbaur.

Fadi is the COO of Innovobot - a Montreal-based boutique investment firm with a focus on deep tech - and is an experienced participant at both sides of the financing divide. Ines is the founder and managing partner of AmorChem, an early stage venture capital fund. She is also well-versed in both seeking and awarding financing, particularly in the life-science space.

Registration is now open.

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