The Mental Health Research Speaker Series: Why Are We So Pulled in By Technology? The Good, The Bad and The Science


Offered by the Health and Well-being Program

In the so-called technological era, cell phones and social media have infiltrated almost every part of our lives. From relationships, work, and well-being, we consider these devices to be essential in managing ourselves. In this talk, our speaker will be presenting research findings and demonstrating how and why technology influences us. You will be provided with insight into the benefits and detriments of technology and will be provided with tip on how to use technology in a healthy and beneficial way.


This session is a part of The Mental Health Research Speaker Series which consist of McGill Faculty or graduate students presenting research and insights in the areas of mental health and well-being.


About the speaker: Jennifer Heyman is a sixth year PhD student in Dr. Lauren Human's Social Interaction and Perception Lab. Her research focuses on how different forms of technology, such as cell phones and social media, influence our in-person interactions with others, specifically how people form impressions of new acquaintances and established romantic partners.


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