McGill’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 12:30to13:30
McGill’s Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025

Receive CCR recognition for each workshop offered by the McGill Office of Sustainability! Eligible events include Sustainability at McGill 101McGill’s Climate and Sustainability StrategyClimate Action at McGill, and Leading Sustainable Projects at McGill.


In this workshop, participants familiarize themselves with McGill's Climate & Sustainability Strategy. Starting off by exploring the contribution of past plans and policies, this session will dive into McGill’s three long-term targets, as well short-term goals set to be achieved in the next five years. Participants will also learn about the consultation process that informed the content of the strategy, as well as key monitoring and implementation tools. The workshop will end with a 15-minute question & answer period.

Online Event Instructions

Participants must register with their McGill email addresses.

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