Managing Your Condo: Protect & Grow the Value of Your Asset


How do you maintain, protect and grow the value of your condominium property? Experienced property managers will discuss practical aspects of condominium property management, including planned maintenance programs, reserve fund, what to look for when buying your condo unit and how to select the right property management company, etc.

About Kevork M. Meterissian, BCom, RPA

Kevork Meterissian is an accomplished Property Management Executive with over 30 years of hands-on experience. He has worked for notable companies such as Canderel, Alexis-Nihon, Metcap Living, Cromwell and Cogir. He is currently Senior Director of Operations at Groupe Mach.

During his career, Kevork has managed several landmark properties in Montreal, among them, the iconic Olympic Village with its 980 apartments and office space; Nordelec; Place Alexis Nihon and, as Vice-President of Cogir’s Multi-Residential division, was responsible for the management and leasing of over 7 000 apartments.

He is actively involved in various professional associations representing the different sectors of our industry including the Quebec chapter of Building Owners and Managers’ Association (BOMA) and has served on its board of directors, as well as la Corporation des propriétaires d’immeubles du Québec (CORPIQ). Kevork has been a guest speaker at several industry conferences across Canada and has been an instructor of the Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation program offered by BOMA International.

Kevork holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and an RPA designation from BOMA. Kevork has also won the much-coveted Building of the Year Award offered by BOMA.


Contributing to the excellence of notarial practice, encouraging the continuous development of the law and promoting access to preventive justice are all missions of the Chambre des notaires that drive its overarching objective of protecting the public.


As true local and family legal practitioners, notaries are present at every important milestone of a person’s or corporation’s life, and their advice can help you assess the legal implications of a decision. Whether it’s a marriage, buying a first home, starting a business or passing it on to the next generation, or writing a will or a separation agreement, notaries’ legal training and knowledge allow them to help their clients make informed decisions.

Today’s notaries practice in areas that go far beyond the scope of traditional notarial law.
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