LinkedIn Learning: How to be an adaptable employee during change and uncertainty


LinkedIn Learning Course Club

This session has 2 components:

1. Individual work/reflection – prior to the session, you will view a selected video (approximately 45 – 60 minutes). You will find the link to the course below.

2. Facilitated virtual group discussion – on the session date we will come together virtually for a 90-minute facilitated group discussion around what we learned.


How to be an Adaptable Employee During Change and Uncertainty:

The world is changing fast. That's why, as an employee, the most valuable skill you can cultivate is adaptability, so you're ready for anything. In this course, Dorie Clark shares concrete tips and strategies to become more adaptable—and embrace adaptability as an ongoing part of your life. Learn how to cultivate an adaptable mindset and build the right skills, including communication and open-mindedness. Then find out how to put your new adaptability skills into action by talking directly to your boss, taking on new tasks, and developing a positive attitude. The skills you learn in this course can help you thrive in times of crisis, and succeed no matter what the future holds.


LinkedIn Learning Course Club:

1. To View LinkedIn Learning Course: How to be an Adaptable Employee During Change and Uncertainty, click here

2. To register for the virtual group discussion, Click here to access Minerva, in the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Organizational Development, and follow the instructions to register.

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