LEVEL UP: The Change Maker’s Guide to Teamwork & Leadership (PART 2)


 The Change Maker’s Guide to Teamwork & Leadership (PART 2)

The intention of this interactive three (3) part program is to empower participants in developing teamwork, leadership skills, and practical strategies for operating in a range of plausible yet unpredictable futures. Please note that this is PART @ of the series and features an activity exploring teamwork & leadership.

Desired outcomes of the program include:


  • Engaging in a learning community through interactions, experimentation, and sharing.
  • Recognizing and welcoming inclusive practices into team settings.
  • Practicing strategic collective processes such as decision-making in various contexts.
  • Defining actions to be implemented to develop resilience as leaders, team members, and learners.

Join us for the continuations of this workshop on the following SEPTEMBER dates:




INTRO - Thursday, Sept 9 (16:30 to 17:15h)

Part 1 - Saturday, Sept 11 (10 to 12h)

Part 2 - Saturday, Sept 18 (10 to 12h)



We suggest that each student team send two (2) or more members to these workshops. This way, those who take part in the workshops can then act as catalysts for their teams to bring learnings and tools to support intentionality about inclusion, participation, and decision-making.


Additional programming for all participants will be delivered over the upcoming year designed to facilitate group dynamics and collaboration

Online Event Instructions

Register in advance for this meeting at the link below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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