Learning and Memory

Friday, January 15, 2021 10:00to11:00
Learning and Memory

Learning and memory both play a crucial role in a student's path to academic success. This webinar will teach you about retrieval practice and how it can help you learn more and hold onto that information longer. It will cover what retrieval practice is, the four keys to retrieval practice, and various study strategies you can use. You will learn how to practice recalling information as well as potential barriers to learning (and strategies to overcome them). Together these will allow you to get your work done and get the grades you deserve.

Online Event Instructions

Register by RSVPing to the MyInvolvement event. At the time of the event, you can click the link to join. An email with a link to the session recording, as well as a copy of the presentation slides and any resources will be emailed to all those who RSVP'd after the event.

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