Judgement as a professional act in teaching

Friday, September 29, 2023 14:30to16:00

Judgment is a key step in educational assessment, consisting in issuing an opinion on the progress or the state of learning based on gathered information. This professional act is the responsibility of the assessor and cannot be fully objective or be reduced to a simple algorithm. Assessment has always been a sore point for teachers, in that it determines placement and influences orientation. Judging can therefore become a significant source of insecurity. In this presentation, Emine Ince, Ph.D., will discuss the two main objectives of assessment and discuss the ways in which judgment is a complex process. Ince will explain the various biases that can emerge during assessments and how to ensure and promote more objective judgment.

This presentation will be in French.

Emine Ince, Ph.D.
Course lecturer

Emine Ince is a course lecturer in French as a second language and learning assessment at a number of universities in Montreal. She has a doctoral degree in education science specializing in assessment and evaluation. Her thesis focused on the judgment of examiners in the oral expression portion of the Test d’évaluation de français (TEF), which is used in the immigration process in Quebec. Her field of expertise is primarily second language assessment. She has contributed to research on improving benchmarks and skills assessment tools in francization classes, and she has done research on cultural biases in official tests by professional orders. She has also been the keynote speaker at many national and international conferences.

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