Innovating at the International Level - CETA, BREXIT, NAFTA | Innovation Week


Faculty Club 3450 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E5, CA
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The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy, the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Stikeman Chair in Tax Law present: Innovation Week 2018 - Putting Innovation in a Box, which will run from February 19 to February 23.

Innovating at the International Level - CETA, BREXIT, NAFTA, with Prof. Armand de Mestral

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CETA, the EU and NAFTA are all under pressure to change and innovate. The CETA is still subject to provisional application and there is considerable uncertainty as to the outcome of the ratification process. The EU is challenged by the Brexit process and the American Administration has called for major changes to NAFTA or for its abrogation. International experts will examine the capacity of these three agreements to adapt and the possible outcomes.

Armand de Mestral is a Professor Emeritus at the Faulty of Law of McGill University where he held the Jean Monnet Chair in the Law of International Economic Integration. He is a renowned specialist on international trade law, economic integration and the law of the European Union.

Session 1 - CETA (9h – 10h45)

Armand de Mestral (McGill): “Significance of CETA for Canada and the EU does it constitute a new model for future RTAs?”
Henri Culot (Louvain): “Provisional application of CETA provisions and EU competence over foreign direct investment”
Edoardo Traversa (Louvain): “Federalism and the ratification by Belgium under European and Belgian constitutional law of international trade agreements”
Graeme Dinwoodie (Oxford): “IP and geographical indications in CETA”
Alain Strowel (Louvain, respondent): “CETA as a new legal order”

Session 2 – BREXIT (11h00 – 12h45)

Charles-Emmanuel Côté (Laval): “What must be covered in an EU – UK “trade arrangement”
Graeme Dinwoodie (Oxford): “Lessons for Brexit from the CETA ratification process”
Lukas Vanhonnaeker (McGill): “Can the common market and the internal market be legally separated for the purpose of negotiating a future EU-UK trade arrangement?”

Session 3 – An International Investment Tribunal (14h00 – 15h00)

Marc Bungenberg (Saarlandes): Presentation of research and general discussion

Session 4 – Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) (15h00 – 16h00)

Armand de Mestral (McGill): Is an AFTA desirable or possible? / General discussion

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