HSE Rounds: Embodiment in the Practice and Education of Health Professionals



Dr. Elizabeth Anne Kinsella is a Professor with the Institute of Health Sciences Education in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, McGill University. Before moving to McGill in January 2021, she was a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario where she held a broad interdisciplinary research portfolio focusing on reflective approaches to health sciences education and practice. Dr. Kinsella comes from a disciplinary background in occupational therapy and has an interest in occupations in health and social care contexts. At Western, she directed the Epistemologies of Practice Lab, with a focus on reflective approaches to knowledge generation and translation.

With 16 years of experience as an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Kinsella is internationally recognized in the field of health sciences education (HSE). She is a leading expert on reflection, reflective practice and critical reflexivity, and practice-based epistemologies in health and social care. Her publications are highly cited as the importance of reflective approaches to education and practice take on more prominent roles in HSE. Her published work has contributed significantly to international advancements in the conceptualization and application of reflection to professional development, professional education and professional practice.

She has authored over 90 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, and a workbook on Reflective Practice and Professional Development. Her research interests include: ethics, equity and the moral experience of professional life; philosophical perspectives on professional knowledge; knowledge translation and policy in professional practice; teaching and learning in health and social care professions; epistemic and occupational justice; disability and occupation; and arts and humanities-based modes of education.

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