How Design Can Influence Wellbeing: Tips for Creating a Healthy Home Office (Virtual)

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 12:00to13:15

Offered by the Health & Well-Being Program. This session will be recorded.

Did you know that the design of your home can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing? From the way we layout our workspace to the amount of natural light we have in a room, design can influence your mood, your productivity, your sleep, and more.

During this session, we will look at tips on how to set up your home office to help increase productivity and prioritize health & wellbeing by exploring how design affects our senses, considering sight, sound, touch and smell.

To register:

  1. Click here to register through Minerva.

Note: The link to the session will be sent around 9 am on October 3rd.


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