Global Health Workshop Series - Workshop 6


Date: Wednesday June 9th, 2021  
Time: 12-1PM EDT
Topic: How can primary healthcare systems deliver care to the aging population?

Zoom link:

Example case study "Age in Place" - Link here
Telemedicine and primary care obesity management in rural areas – innovative approach for older adults? - Link here

Optional reading
Innovative home visit models associated with reductions in costs, hospitalizations, and emergency department use - Link here

Discussion questions:

  1. What are the limits and benefits of technology when providing PHC services for elderly patients, such as the "Age in Place" case study? What the unique implications of this technology in low-resource settings in Canada or globally?
  2. When imagining/designing new PHC delivery models, how should primary healthcare providers collaborate with families/informal caregivers to better tailor services to meet the needs of elderly patients?
  3. Any general reflections on the GPC Workshop Series as a whole? What lessons have you learned? How do you see these ideas evolving into action?
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