FU-BEST Digital Lecture Series Dec 10


FU-BEST Digital Lecture Series and our Spring Semester 2021, I would like to invite you and your students to our free upcoming webinars about FU-BEST.

They will take place at the following dates and times (with respective Zoom webinar links):

All webinars are open to staff, faculty, and students interested in knowing more about our program (no sign-up required).

Topics we will cover:

  • About Berlin, Freie Universität & FU-BEST
  • Requirements
  • Information on German language instruction & subject courses
  • Cultural Program
  • Housing
  • Health & Insurance
  • Internship Option
  • Q & A


Web: http://www.fubest.org

Web: https://www.erggmbh.de/datenschutz


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